Dear Troop 219 Families,

Here is the Troop's Update for October. We have a lot going on and require volunteer support to make it all happen.

We are still in need of leaders, as we have many scouts who are aging out with their respective parents. Please reach out to one of the committee members or scout masters, so we can get you trained.

Past Activities:
  • Sep.17-18: Aquatics Weekend - Thanks to those of you who participated in Aqua Academy and earned additional merit badges. Thanks to the Scorpion Patrol who led the event at Camp Soule.
  • Sep. 28: Patrol Leader Meeting - Notes from the Meeting:
    • Program Patrols need to be established
    • Next Month Program Patrol is Panther – Chess Merit Badge
    • Next Month Campout Patrol is Scorpion – Haunted Trail
    • New Shirts Kai has Design Ready
    • Service Project This Saturday – Snell Isle Beautification Project
    • COH Next Wednesday Change It Up – Do something different at the upcoming COH
    • Hillsborough River Haunted – Curtis needs to provide update and get patrols and parents involved
    • Present Defibrillator to Father Tim at COH
    • Get Defibrillator for Troop Trailer
    • Aeronautics Merit Badge Activity
    • October 26th Distinguished Citizen Award for Terry Tomalin. Color Guard Ceremony
    • Christmas Trees were ordered by Mr. Miller
    • Scout University Jan 7th on Council website
  • Sep. 28: Christmas Trees were Ordered - We will have our annual lock out to prepare the Christmas Tree lot on Nov. 25-26
  • Oct. 1: Snell Isle Beautification Service Project - Thanks to all the volunteers who attend this service project and keeping our community nice!

October Service Patrol: Scorpion
October Program Patrol: Panther
October Parent In Charge: Brian O'Neill

Current Activities:
  • Oct. 5: Regular Meeting and Chess Merit Badge - Michael Skarupa will be leading the Chess Merit Badge at this meeting. Please be sure to attend and join the fun.
  • Oct. 9: Small Boat Sailing Merit Badge - Heidi Grew will be leading the sailing merit badge down at the St. Petersburg Sailing Center.
  • Oct. 12: Court of Honor - We will be holding our first Court of Honor for the scout year. Please be sure to join us in the advancement of our scouts!
  • Oct. 19: Regular Meeting and Board of Review - For those scouts who have completed their Scoutmaster Conferences, we will hold our monthly board of reviews.
  • Oct. 21-23: Haunted Woods Campout (Hillsborough River State Park) - The Scorpion Patrol will be leading this fun event. Please sign up on the website if you would like to attend. Space is limited.
  • Oct. 26: Regular Troop Meeting

November Service Patrol: Panther
November Program Patrol: Scorpion
November Parent In Charge: Derek Raymer

Upcoming Activities:
  • Nov. 2: Patrol Leader Meeting - All Sr. and Asst. Patrol Leaders need to meet at 6:00PM at St. Raphael's Church Classroom to plan September activities
  • Nov. 2: Regular Troop Meeting - Please attend our troop meeting at 7:00PM at St. Raphael's Church
  • Nov. 3: Orienteering Merit Badge - We plan on completing several requirements of the Orienteering MB at Bill Jacksons
  • Nov. 9: Regular Troop Meeting - Please attend our troop meeting at 7:00PM at St. Raphael's Church
  • Nov. 11-13: Orienteering Merit Badge at Kelly Park - Join us for completing additional requirements at Kelly Park. Panther Patrol will be leading this event.
  • Nov. 16: Elections and Regular Troop Meeting - Please make sure you attend this event, so you can have our semi-annual elections. Each scout needs position of responsibility within the troop, which is required to advance.
  • Nov. 23: Board of Review and Regular Meeting - For those scouts who have completed their Scoutmaster Conferences, we will hold our monthly board of reviews.
  • Nov. 25: Christmas Tree Lot Lock Out - Our annual overnight event at St. Raphael's. We will have pizza, snacks, and fun activities for all the scouts.
  • Nov. 26: Christmas Tree Lot Setup (7AM Sharp) - We will be setting up out tree lot and receiving the trees from the distributor. Coffee and donuts will be served.
  • Nov. 30: Regular Meeting

We have created our calendar for the upcoming season and it is available online. Please be sure to subscribe to the Troop's online calendar with your smartphone and computers, so you will be up to date on all activities.

You can do that here:

Also, you can go to the website at to view it from your computer.

Yours in Scouting,

Kerry Dano
ASM and Communications