Dear Troop 219 Families,

We hope everyone enjoyed their Summer and are now engaged (or soon to be) with school activities. Here is our update for August and September.

Past Activities:
  • Aug. 14: Volunteering this Past Weekend - Thanks to those of you who participated this past weekend in cleaning and painting the statues on Snell Isle. Your help is greatly appreciated!
Current Activities:
  • Aug. 20: This Coming Weekend - Curtis Cruise is still trying to get us signed up for the Hillsborough River State Park Fun Run for this weekend and he will be seeking volunteers to help. If we get to volunteer at this event, we should have a sure "in" for the haunted trail like we did last Halloween. Lookout for an email either way from Curtis.
  • Aug. 24: Troop 219 Board Meeting - We are preparing the troop leadership, volunteers, and confirming activities for the upcoming Scout Season. The Troop leaders and committee members are meeting to make sure we have everything covered to support our scouts this coming Fall, Winter, and Spring. If you would like to join us and volunteer your time, please let us know and we can include you.
Upcoming Activities:
  • Sept. 7: Patrol Leader Meeting - All Sr. and Asst. Patrol Leaders need to meet at 6:00PM at St. Raphael's Church Classroom to plan September activities
  • Sept. 7: First Troop Meeting - Please attend our first troop meeting of the season at 7:00PM at St. Raphael's Church
  • Sept. 10: American Heart Association Walk in Sarasota - Mr. Curtis Cruise is trying to organize a group to sponsor and honor Scoutmaster Tomalin in supporting AHA.
  • Sept. 14: Parents Meeting - All parents are requested to attend our parents meeting to be informed of troop and scout activities for the planned season. We will meet at 7:15PM in the classroom.
  • Sept. 16-18: Aquatics Weekend at Camp Soule - Shark Patrol will be leading this activity
  • Sept. 21: Troop Meeting and Board of Review
  • Sept. 24: Young Eagles at Albert Whitted Field
  • Sept 28: Court of Honor

We have created our calendar for the upcoming season and it is available online. Please be sure to subscribe to the Troop's online calendar with your smartphone and computers, so you will be up to date on all activities.

You can do that here:

Also, you can go to the website at to view it from your computer.

Yours in Scouting,

Kerry Dano
ASM and Communications