Scout Dues: It’s that time of year again. Your Scout dues of $75 ($25 of which goes to the national council for membership and your Boy’s Life subscription and $50 of which goes to the troop) is due Feb. 1. If you worked the Christmas tree lot, you may have enough money in your scout account to pay your dues. If not, please bring a check before the end of the month.

Colt Creek: This campout, scheduled for Feb. 12-14, has been canceled due to lack of interest.

Webeloree: This event, where Cub Scouts cross over to Boy Scouts, will be held Feb. 26-28 at Camp Soule. It will be led by Mr. O’Neill and Mr. Cruise. Look for sign up information on our website and via e-mail in coming days.

New Resources: Check out the Troop 219 website. The Ten Steps to Eagle guide is a must read for Life and Star Scouts. We also have the new Troop 219 Camping Guide which will be of interest to all parents and scouts. Get some ideas, guys, because the patrols will be picking the campsites for the fall this spring!

Patrol Leader Meeting: Remember – all patrol leaders will meet Feb. 3 at 6:30 p.m. We have a new policy – if you are a PL or SPL and have two unexcused absences, you will lose your position. If you cannot come because of school or sickness, let your patrol mates know.

Camping Patrol: Starting this fall, Troop 219 will have a “Camping Patrol” each month. Just like the Program Patrol, the camping patrol will help plan the upcoming month’s campout.

Stay in Touch: Parents and Scouts – does your Senior Patrol Leader (SPL) and Assistant Patrol Leader (ASPL) have your contact info? If not, let them know how to contact you.

Parents: Troop 219 needs you! Ask not what your troop can do for you…Ask what you can do for your troop! We have numerous committee positions open and we are always looking for more assistant scoutmasters. Contact Cat Cobb to see how you can help.

Upcoming schedule:

Program: Fly Fishing Merit Badge
Program Patrol: Panther
ASM in Charge: Cat Cobb
Feb. 3: Rank Advancement, Merit Badge Planning.
Feb. 10: Pat Damico, Captain’s Corner Correspondent for the Tampa Bay Times.
Feb. 17: Bill AuCoin, Suncoast Fly Fishers
Feb. 24: Bill Jackson Shop for Adventure, Pinellas Park