Event Coordinator - Activities Required to Establish, Manage, and Coordinate Events

    1. Identify and Obtain Approval for Event - Coordinate and pick the event with leadership. This is performed way in front of the event date(s) and is usually establish at the beginning of the Scout Fall Season. All major events should be identified, approved, and tentatively booked with the event provider, once troop approval is obtained.
    2. Obtain Reservation for Event - Secure and pay for the reservation necessary for the event.
    3. Schedule Event on Calendar - Schedule it on the Troop Calendar with the Troop Webmaster.
    4. Finalize Event Plan - Finalize details on the event and post it to the description within Troop Calendar record. Establish a tentative budget for event registration fee, planned activities, food, etc., so a proper registration fee can be developed. Plan for a contingency with a 30% overhead above baseline costs for the events, so a financial buffer is available for unforeseen event costs (e.g. ice, firewood, unknown costs, etc.).
    5. Post a Registration Form for the Event - Create a form with the description of the event on the website (dates, times, meeting location, etc.) , planned agenda, permission slip, code of conduct, and ensure the form collects data as required and sends the registration emails to the troop event coordinator.
    6. Announce the Event - Put together an announcement for the event and post a communication submission on the Troop's website. The Webmaster will send out the announcement notice and also place it on the website.
    7. Obtain Registrants for Event - Point parents and scouts to the event registration form, if they plan to attend the event. Make sure they complete the registration in its entirety and they acknowledge the provisions within the permission slip and review BSA code of conduct.
    8. Monitor Registration Process - Monitor registrations as they come in and follow up with registrants if needed. The Event Coordinator will automatically receive registrations as people register for the event and all entries will be recorded into the Troop's Event database on the website. Make sure you can coordinate volunteers, as needed to support leadership during the event. Coordinate with webmaster to download the Troop's Event database as needed.
    9. Validate Registrations - Coordinate with the Troop's Medical Records Officer and make sure each participant has a valid and up to date medical form on file with the Troop. Registrants CANNOT attend events if they do not have a proper medical form on file with the troop, NO EXCEPTIONS.
    10. Collect Registration Fees - Make sure each registrant pays their respective fees for the events. Fees will be determined by the event plan and a budget must be established. In some cases, there may be a requirement minimum attendance for the event. Make sure you are aware of these constraints, as there is the potential to cancel the event due to lack of participation.
    11. Send Out Reminder Announcements - Make sure reminder announcements are sent out to the Troop distribution list on a periodic basis. Please refer to the Event Announcement and Reminder Guidelines below.
    12. Establish Leadership Plan - Coordinate with troop leadership to ensure the event has the proper onsite leadership required by BSA mandates and guidelines.
    13. Close Registration - At least 1-week prior to the planned event, close the event registration and focus on event execution activities as needed with the assigned event leadership.
    14. Transition Event to Event Leadership - Once registration is closed, consolidate and reconcile registration materials and fees and ensure any special needs are addressed for the event. If there are special requirements and needs for the event, please coordinate with the individuals and leadership to ensure these requests are covered for the event and the event provider, if needed.

Event Announcement and Reminder Guidelines

  • Initial Announcement (Usually September/January) - Tentative Fall/Spring schedule planning announcement for all identified and planned upcoming events for the scout season.
  • 4-Weeks Prior (INITIAL ANNOUNCEMENT) - Formally announce the event to the troop's distribution and ensure accuracy of information event, as known to date.
  • 3-Weeks Prior (REMINDER) - Send out a reminder to the troop's distribution list and communicate the event at the troop's general meeting.
  • 2-Weeks Prior (2nd REMINDER) - Send out an additional reminder to the troop's distribution and let everyone know the event is approaching fast and they need to register soon.
  • 1-Week Prior (FINAL CALL) - Send out a final reminder to the troop's distribution and let everyone know they need to sign up ASAP or they forfeit their opportunity to attend the event.
  • 6-Days Prior (CLOSED) - Send out a final email to the troop's distribution and let everyone know that the event is formally closed and that no new registrations will be taken at this point in time. All event fees for participants must be received and reconciled with the Event Coordinator and the Troop's Secretary. Also, all participants must be validated to have a medical record on file. Communicate to the participants individually for both of these items.
  • If Needed (REVISED) - Be sure to send out significant changes on the event as you identify them, so potential and existing registrants are aware of any changes they may impact their ability to attend or participate. This would include such things as a new venue, change of event and/or meeting location, increased registration fees, deviation from the original event plan., etc.