Events and Preparations

Our camping events have various aspects to them. Below are some of the things that participants (scouts and adults) should be aware of, so you have an understanding of our process over these event weekends.

Scout Patrol Grub Master For each event, the troop will designate at least one scout to be a Grub Master. The Grub Master is responsible for coordinating with the SPL and ASPL to establish a meal plan for the event and ensure there is enough food for all participating scouts. You DO NOT have to plan the meals or purchase the food for the attending leaders or adults (Pedro Patrol). In addition, the Grub Master is responsible for purchasing the food items and coordinating with the SPL and ASPL regarding necessary equipment to prepare and cook the food. The food should be stored in coolers (with ice) and containers (dry goods). Please be sure to coordinate packing and transporting these to the troop event.

Pedro Patrol For each event, the leaders and parents will designate at least one parent to take on the role of Pedro Patrol Leader and ensure the adults have a meal plan for the event. The Pedro Patrol Leader can coordinate with other adults, if desired, to ensure there is proper coverage for meal planning. The Pedro Patrol Leader is also responsible for purchasing, packing, and transporting the food to and from the event location. If needed, the Pedro Patrol Leader can coordinate with other adults, as needed, if there are logistic issues getting the food to the location. The troop has food preparation and cooking utensils available, if needed. You can also bring your own cooking items, if you desire to do so.

Many times the adults will have a prepared dish the Friday evening. Examples would include: Chili, Beef Stew, Jambalaya, Gumbo, etc. Coffee is an essential part of these events, so please make sure coffee, cream, and sugar is in good supply for the adults. Many events start early on Saturday mornings, so the adults need to be alert and ready to go.

Camping Items

  • Eating Utensils - Scouts and Parents are responsible for their own eating utensils (cups, plates, silverware, etc.). Our troop subscribes to the leave no trace camping methods and it is highly recommended that you minimize disposable food items and packaging when you can. Scouts and parents are expected to have mess kits which can be easily cleaned after each use and be allowed to air dry.
  • Drinks - The troop usually provides two 5-gallon Gatorade bucket dispensers. One is usually filled with a flavored drink and the other is filled with water or ice water. Scouts and Adults are responsible for providing and filling their own drinking containers, such as bottles, camel backs, etc. Everyone needs to be persistent about remaining hydrated throughout the day, especially when it is hot.
  • Snacks - It is advised the the scouts supplement their meals with snack items throughout the day, especially if there are planned activities. Also, scouts should plan for snacks around the campfire, such as smores, popcorn, or other snack items.

Recommended Meal Planning for Events Friday Evening

  • Scouts - Eat prior to coming to event
  • Adults - Eat prior to coming to event or plan for a prepared meal as identified above. In most cases an adult usually brings a prepared meal that is simple and easy to just heat up over the fire

Saturday Breakfast

  • Scouts and Adults - Cold Breakfast (if there is an early activity) or hot breakfast with a cold option (if there is not an early activity)

Saturday Lunch

  • Scouts and Adults - Cold sandwiches, healthy lunch items, and a snack item

Saturday Dinner

  • Scouts - Hot Meal, healthy items, and other dinner items
  • Adults - Hot Meal (Prepared in advance is recommended), healthy items, and other dinner items

Sunday Breakfast

  • Scouts and Adults - Cold Breakfast (Cereal, Bagels, etc.)